Monday, January 3, 2011


When the idea was proposed I had a full belly and didn't even think twice about it.   I figured if an elimination diet could help shed some insight into my ongoing stomach saga then it was worth the a honest attempt. The plan was two weeks with no soy, nuts or gluten and then items would be reintroduced individually.  I was already a vegan so that piece wasn't difficult, but cutting gluten, nuts and soy out of my diet left me with what to eat?  


Here are some of my thoughts from various days:
Day 1: Seriously my morning has been ruined as I never knew coffee tasted so bad!  I guess I have been using soy milk to cover up the real flavor.
Day 4: Pacing back and forth in the bread/bakery isle today at the grocery store I felt my heart was breaking as I left the store with no items to contend with the satisfaction that I find in a fresh loaf of whole wheat bread.
Day 5: I just ate styrofoam, I mean a really bad gluten free bagel. 
Day 8:  This isn't so bad, I have some figuring out to do, but I am not famished.
Day 10: Thank goodness GU & Shot Blocks actually are free vegan, nut, soy and gluten free.
Day 12 (Christmas): Gluten is invading the world, it seems to be in everything. 
Day 15: Hello gluten free pizza, where have you been for the past 14 days of my adventure?  You had me at hello..

To my surprise I have been eating more than twigs and berries and I haven't perished without my comfort carbs or handfuls of nuts. The process isn't over, but all and all I have had noticeable changes in how my stomach feels.  I have been eager to reintroduce soy into my diet, although I do feel hesitation to go back to gluten despite missing my fresh loaves of bread.  It  has been a process trying to determine the rhyme to my stomachs reason and I am hopeful this experiment will prove beneficial. For now the fun will continue.

If you have any good gluten free recipes please feel free to share!


  1. oh my Gus!!! I've been gluten free for about 2 years now. Bob's Red mill pizza crust is the best! As for other recipes, I'll pull some up and shoot you an email. Good luck!!

  2. It must have been a contagious intolerance that I caught from you in college? Silly Canadian always sharing everything with me. Thanks for sharing and I don't seem to have your email address any more so please lets connect!

  3. I had my doctor test me to see if I had gluten intolerance, but luckily I was clean! She did recommend probiotics (particulary Align) which seemed to help a lot--too bad it's so expensive!