Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dog Haiku - Timber

"Howling through the woods…
Crossing rivers on a hunt…
A dog dreams of wild!"

Once the summer temperatures dissipate my four legged running companion Timber joins me on a regular basis. The fall is what I consider my off season and the time when Timber starts training for backcountry ski season.  As soon as I pull out my running clothes or running shoes he is circling and whining, while also throwing in a downward dog. The excitement further increases when his orange scarf and bell are pulled from the coat rack.  The scarf is intended to keep Timber from being hunted and the bell to give wildlife a fair warning so not be hunted by Timber.

I have heard people say "he is just a dog" and yes that is true, but he is a smart dog.  So smart in fact that he is selective about what he is smart about.  Timber has found me before when I was lost in the woods at nightfall and numerous occasions he has helped me find the trail when I lost my way.  On the other hand he will not sit, shake, lie down or stay unless he wants something.

For some reason when Timber and I run together there comes an understanding. We both seem to thrive in woods in a similar way. I watch him leap and bound, change speeds and enjoy what is around him. At times he leads and sets the pace, while at other times he runs off my back heel. It brings me ease and peace and we both head home with a mutual understanding where nothing needs to be said, it is just understood.

Dog Haiku-Lily to follow at later date.

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