Friday, October 1, 2010

Where I am From

I am from Vermont and peaceful woods with no name; from a small town between the hustle and bustle where neighbors are cows. From the tiny farm house with a green tin roof, rooms filled with open air along with light and darkness.

I am from carbs, blackberry jam and home-made granola; from a colorful salad bowl to temph and tofu. From water and Starbucks to whole wheat veggie pizza cooked on the grill. 

I am from wagging tails, cold noses, family dinners and breakfast at the windows; from I love you, I promise, to I love you more.

I am from living in the present times of my life, to the anxious worries of my future; from dark days to moments full of laughter and inspirations to be me.

I am from flip flops, trail shoes and running clothes; from an outdoor wardrobe that would astonish the astonished.

I am from short strolls to long endeavors; from laundry, clothes pins, adventure and repeat.

I am from a place that no matter how hard one tries they can never take it away from me.


  1. I thought you were from Burlington...........loveu

  2. You know how it is, it's easier to throw the Williston gang signs up than the North end of B-town.