Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting Ticked!

It's almost December and I am getting ticked, seriously I have had enough.  No I am not ticked that balloon boy was a hoax or that my employer blocks Facebook.  I would attribute my negative experiences with the warmer temperatures that we have been experiencing in New England as we move from fall to winter.  Yes herein lies my problem, but just please leave me alone.  I do understand that everything has its role in nature, although I still don't care for you and never invited you to hang out with me or my dogs.  Stick with me or my family and I will have to kill you!  You make me as enraged as Dwight Schrute from The Office when Jim puts his stuff inside Jello molds. 

You gross me out and can pass on more diseases to humans than any other creepy crawly besides another enemy of mine known as the mosquito.
Typically I am so intimidated by you that I scream and make my husband remove and dispose of you.  I must admit though that I did take a tick on alone yesterday, since Geo was already at work.  I pulled you off, smashed you with my finger nails, with my eyes closed, and then torched you with flame.  Hopefully you really were dead and not just faking it, because you had me convinced.

All I can say is urghhh and ask what purpose does the tick serve in the ecosystem?   What, if anything, does it do that is absolutely essential?  Could the world exist if they were completely eradicated?  Do you know?  Also my vet consistently tells me that Frontline is safe for my dog, but if it is so safe why don't they make such a product for humans? 

For now I will just try to take it one tick at a time, but I still don't like it.

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  1. Jeff Comstock Hey Aliza - I just tried to post this comment on your blog but I got rejected! For the folks who spend enough time in the wilds to be reading you blog, here's all the info they need to practice "safe adventuring". Tell your peeps to know this stuff. For Real!