Saturday, November 27, 2010


A sampling of Vermont's offerings: Skiing in Stowe, Ben & Jerry's Factory, Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, Magic Hat Brewery, Shelburne Museum, Lake Champlain, Antiques, the "big" city of Burlington and so much more! Realistically all great attractions, but what do we the local (802) folks do for fun?

Friday night we found ourselves stuck in transition from fall to winter and in the midst of hunting season.  Running or mountain biking in the woods is currently a gamble and there isn't enough snow to even make a snowball, let alone ski.  How to kill time, keep warm and enjoy each others company?  Ask my husband and his friend Marc that question and the answer is....FIRE.  When Geo told me we were going to have a bonfire I giggled. We had absolutely no wood, unless he planned on burning the chicken coop and then roasting the chickens.  Not to worry though, apparently the boys had gone wood hunting earlier in the day at a local construction site.  I didn't know if I should be mad or be happy that they were resourceful?  After I had them promise the wood was all scraps, they got all dressed in their Carhartt overalls and boots and headed out to start the party.

The Bonfire

Robert Frost

“Oh, let’s go up the hill and scare ourselves,
As reckless as the best of them to-night,
By setting fire to all the brush we piled
With pitchy hands to wait for rain or snow.
Oh, let’s not wait for rain to make it safe.
The pile is ours: we dragged it bough on bough
Down dark converging paths between the pines.
Let’s not care what we do with it to-night.
Divide it? No! But burn it as one pile
The way we piled it. And let’s be the talk
Of people brought to windows by a light
Thrown from somewhere against their wall-paper.
Rouse them all, both the free and not so free
With saying what they’d like to do to us
For what they’d better wait till we have done.
Let’s all but bring to life this old volcano,
If that is what the mountain ever was—
And scare ourselves. Let wild fire loose we will…”

Whole wheat homemade pizza, local pie, beer and now warmth we all seemed content, but as the fire grew in size my worry grew along with it.  No fire permit and not exactly winter yet, which opens us up to fines.  Most people would say 'who cares', and the Williston fire chief that lives two houses down from us would say 'I do'.

All said and done, a calm, starry night with warmth from good friends and fire.  Hopefully we are one day closer to moving out of our transition from fall into winter.  Stay tuned for my next story on how we entertain ourselves during "transition time" playing our own version of home run derby on the golf course.

Sidebar - 34 days till training commences!  


  1. Burn permits ? As long as you don't hear the engines coming, you're safe. :)

  2. Oh and what we're doing isn't training? oh boy........