Monday, December 27, 2010

New Years Resolutions - Concept Evaluated

Buckle up, my friends, it's resolution time!  Actually, for me it's not resolution time.   My ways have changed over the years.  My old way of thinking required that resolutions were done spontaneously and all at once, like jumping into a very cold pool or ripping off a band aid.  I have also learned for myself that there is a false sense of security in resolutions.  Just because I write it down and tell a few people magically things will become simplified and life change will happen?  

For me, this time leading up to January 1st is Reminisce About Resolutions Time or maybe An Old Fashion Resolutions Examination.  Lets see the popular resolutions: battle the bulge, spend more time with family and good friends, drink less, quit smoking, get out of debt, think of better passwords then just "passwords"and do less laundry/wear more deodorant. I look to my good friends Calvin & Hobbes as inspiration for how one might approach January 1st.

I'm in a place where I don't feel the need for a list of resolutions.  I don't desire to buy into the cycle of feeling the need to change just because it is the January 1st; rather I want to buy into the desire to grow and explore.  Changing versus growing/exploring may seem like semantics, but for me there is a difference for me.  Resolutions seem to infer that something needs fixing or is negative.   With a fresh blanket of snow Calvin & Hobbes set out into the unknown for a sled ride that appears encouraging and open ended.  There is a sense of direction rather than inevitable doom or destruction.

It's a magical world, Hobbes, Ol' Buddy...Let's go exploring!

I can view the New Year as a fresh start and a beautiful thing, as the possibilities that await me are endless. Getting out and exploring seems more optimistic and for me allows more room for positive growth.  Don't get me wrong I believe in goals, but resolutions seem to go out the door faster than they come in every year.  If you are a resolutionist then I wish you the very best in achieving what you set out to accomplish, but this year I will be exploring.  


  1. Explore = no limits Aliza! :)

  2. I shall explore, and would enjoy the company of the elusive Furman.