Thursday, December 2, 2010

Premature Panic?

panique, パニック, pánico 공황, panico,  paniek, паника 

No matter what language I type it in; it all comes down to PANIC. An interesting side note before I ramble about my panic, the word panic derives from the Greek, pertaining to Pan, the god of the woods and fields, who was the source of mysterious sounds that caused fear in individuals and groups of people in lonely places. Pan's tactics would produce in people a sudden sensation of fear that would evoke a fight or flight reaction.

With the North Face 50 mile San Francisco looming, I find myself falling a victim to fear . The race is packed full of those that I will find myself on course with at Western States and I am at home sitting on the couch, eating and doing fast packing/fun runs. The worries start flooding my mind and body and my logical/rational thinking seems to quickly dissipate. Should I be racing? Wait a minute, before I even question that, should I be training? What will my race schedule be leading up to WS? What are my goals? Will I be plagued with illness or injury? Should I do more or could I do more? Am I panicking too early and fleeing the scene? Can I be patient enough to be smart and see this process through?

At this point the unanswerable question is, will all the pieces come together? Like any puzzle I should remember to take it piece by piece, but man I am bad at puzzles.


  1. I think that what happens Saturday at NorthFace has little to do with WS in June. I look at NF50 as the end of this season. Many people have shut their year down and are not training but recuperating instead right now. It is a necessary break to take if you want to begin your training next year with a strong focus on WS. I think, as you mentioned, that patience will be the key to quality training. Take your time, don't rush, little to your body and you'll do great.

  2. Good luck, Aliza! I'll be rooting for Team Vermont. :)

    (Really cool photo, too.)

  3. Hi Aliza, I found your blog from Jack Pilla's blog and have enjoyed reading it so much. You are truly amazing and so inspiring!

    I am going to be training for my first marathon this coming May (VCM) and Jack is going to coach me (he sold us our house 10 years ago!!) I'm so excited. The longest I've ever run is 13.1 miles in the Leaf Peepers this past year. I'd love to do an ultra someday! I had serious knee injuries that held me back from doing much for over a decade but now after going vegan things have improve dramatically! I want to run over mountains too! And now I can! :-)

    I just realized that my husband and I know you from OTR! (it takes me a while to put things together) We are the vegan couple that comes in on the weekends and scarfs down all the yummy vegan goodies and roll ups!

    Anyhoo, I just wanted to say Hi and that we both think you rock!

    You'll do great in San Francisco!


  4. Hey Joyce,

    Of course I know you and your husband and always enjoy waiting on the two of you. What a small world with you knowing Jack, he and I train together on roads and trails.

    If you ever want company running or eating roll ups let me know. Maybe see you guys on Saturday.


  5. That's so cool you train with Jack! Yes, Scott and I will both be in OTR Saturday and probably Sunday. We just love that place! My long run is probably shorter than your easy runs but someday I'd love to run with you all. I'm so much in awe of ultra runners! Born to Run really got the wheels turning in my head! Cheers and see you soon!

  6. You are already ahead of the game by taking it easy this time of year. There will be plenty of time to get serious. Enjoy the freedom of doing what you want for the rest of the year!

    It was fun watching the TNF 50..... but it will be even more fun watching the WS this year cause you will be there!