Monday, December 6, 2010

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things...

Perhaps the title of this blog entry put a song into your head?  I overheard a student singing the lyrics to this song in the hallway at school.  I was reminded that the song "My Favorite Things" is about the things that Maria loves and fills her mind with when she is sad or times are bad.           

Ok, I do admit that I did take out many of the verses because I am not one for 'whiskers on kittens' and 'girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes' but even without these "favorite wonder things" the point is still conveyed.  So this all got me thinking about some of my favorite things.  There are certainly ways I could break it down such as my favorite foods, my favorite places, my favorite running stuff, my favorite this or that.  Although, for or all intents and purposes, I will keep it broad today and just do some of my general favorite things and leave specifics for each category for another wonderful blog writing episode.  I know the anticipation  and excitement may interrupt your sleep or may even kill you, but hopefully worth the wait. 

Warning, please don't get too excited as I am not like Oprah and cannot afford to give all ten of my blog followers my favorite things.  Though in retrospect it would be worth the expense if I did give away gifts just so I could get reactions like Oprah did from her audience.

I am a visual person so photos speak much more to me than words, although maybe a bit of both.  My favorite things include my husband, dogs, beautiful sunrises & sunsets, nature, growing fruits/veggies & canning and of course just straight up good food!  

This was really my first year of canning things from my garden.  I always plant an excess amount of plants with the idea attrition.  That certainly wasn't in play this year so with an abundance of veggies, berries and fruit it was time to can.  At first I saw it as a daunting task, although then realized it was calming (at moments) and almost artistic.  Nature is priceless and I am always in awe of it as is a source for renewal and inspiration.  There is so much to look at, experience and explore that I can just lose myself.  At times I have to force myself to slow down and absorb my surrounding, because I get so focused on just life.   Timber is we call a custom dog, I never know what he is going to do next.  From climbing into the bathtub with me to getting stuck under the shed he keeps me laughing/remembering to lighten up. Ok I could go on and on about any of the listed things, but since I am hungry I cannot get stop thinking of food.  Favorites include vegan burritos, fresh salads, fresh bread (carbs are so wonderful), warm applesauce, chili, oatmeal, nuts, avocado... 

I do also realize that my favorite things are probably considered simple things and many people wouldn't even want them, but that makes them even more special to me.  I also feel good about the fact that I am not putting up images of flat screen televisions, expensive cars or other outlandish things as my favorite things.  I cannot take it anymore I am headed to the kitchen!


  1. And, even better, George canning while you were in Colorado! What great things to love. So enjoying your writing!