Sunday, March 13, 2011

Plodding Along in The Land of the Blah-Blah

With the help of a massive winter storm on Sunday and Monday I ended up with a four day weekend.  I felt like a little kid waiting anxiously for school to be cancelled and it did.  Despite having Monday and Tuesday off from work I had a week of what I am deeming the blahs.
After completing the snowshoe marathon last Saturday I ran on Sunday and Monday and felt a little sluggish on uphills, but in general felt good.  Tuesday I crossed trained and then when I woke up on Wednesday I could barely walk.  Any pressure on my right foot caused pained.  I told myself to "walk it off"and get dressed for the gym.  I hobbled downstairs and it only got worse, so I hobbled/crawled back upstairs and into bed.  Could I take a sick day after having a four day weekend?  Of course I could, but I knew it really wouldn't help.  

I managed to make it through the work day and then headed off to the physical therapy for my foot.  I had a similar issue a few years ago which sidelined me for several months.  I was serious about taking care of this sooner rather than later so without hesitation I offered up rest, which I have never done before.  I knew in my mind a few days off now would be better than weeks off later.  My PT Andy and I decided on three days off to start.  On my days off I still went to the gym to do abs, arms, legs and to sit in the sauna.  By day three I couldn't resist the urge and found myself on the treadmill.  I began with a walk, then a jog.  I ran my first mile in just under ten minutes and I continued to run.  A nine minute mile, eight minute mile, sub eight, another and then a seven.  I was content with six miles, cooled down and stretched.  

I thought that running would make me feel better and it partially did, but I have diagnosed myself with a case of the "blah-blahs".  This morning I went to Bikram yoga to continue my progression with heat training.  About half way through the class I caught myself staring in the mirror thinking "wow I need to get my sheet together" (G-Rated Version).  The clock is ticking and everything is coming quickly whether I am ready or not.  Realizing this I find myself moving further into the land of blah, but eager to find my way out.  


  1. We were in Lake Placid this weekend and couldn't believe the snow. Assuming it was similar to VT. Good luck with the blah-blahs, and maybe pamper that foot a bit for the next while!

  2. Hey Aliza,

    I work with Gill & Francesca of Bad to the Bone Endurance sports. I wanted to reach out to you about the Ultra Race of Champions coming this September but I couldn't find your e-mail in your profile. If you don't mind shooting me an e-mail at I'll respond with some info.

    Love your blog! Hope I can get this to you soon,