Thursday, September 27, 2012

Run Bryon Run!

As I scurried around Steamboat frantically I tried to locate my lost luggage through United Airlines customer service line and simultaneously devise a back up plan.   During my moments of organized chaos I also attended the Run Rabbit Run pre-race meeting and caught up with fellow runners.  Eventually I received word that my bag had arrived at the condo unit and as I looked at my watch I had just 15 minutes to assemble my drop bags before the cut off.  After throwing a bunch of clothes and fuel into bags I ran around the village like a lost puppy trying to find my way to the drop bag location and in the process I stubbled into Mr. Bryon Powell.  

With video camera in tow I knew that he was out preparing his intel for the upcoming race.  I ignored the camera and since I hadn't run since arriving in Colorado I inquired if he would join me for an easy shake out run.  He said yes and he asked if we could do an interview and I think I proceeded to changed the subject.  For some reason I was really giggly and smiley on this eve and was having a hard time committing to doing the 5 minute or less talk.  Maybe it was the lack of sleep, stress and/or pre-race nerves.  We wondered around the village as the sun began to set and I dug in my heels.  I finally agreed, but also disagreed, as I argued that I am not interesting and two interviews was plenty for the season. In my mind I thought there was no need to bore the irunfar reads with more on me and came to the conclusion that someone who is far more interesting and not often investigated was Bryon.  

As Bryon joined me in front of the camera I hesitated in fear, but took over.  I wasn't sure if he would roll with it or if we would start over.  I felt like as the seconds passed and then minutes we both settled into the idea.  It was an honor to ask him so questions as I think highly of him as a coach, reporter, writer and friend.  Seriously think about it, where else can you keep up with ultrarunning news to the degree that his site allows?  His work emxemplifies his passion and dedication to the sport and his patience with me is priceless.    

I honestly hate hearing or watching myself, but this video will always make me smile.  I felt so nervous, so awkward, but at the same time enjoyed every moment of it.  Bryon has shown me that it can be difficult and daunting to follow your dreams, but despite this, it is possible.  Like ultra running, life and your career can having highs and lows, but it is how you ride them out and work with each that determines how things end up.