Tuesday, September 10, 2013

H is for Hiatus

My blog has been neglected and collecting dust in cyberspace as my last post was recapping my 2012 season.  I think with an abbreviated season this year and with a house under construction things have fallen to the wayside.  I have worked to once again find my stride and fall into rhythm.  My mind and body have been craving this place and also needing it.  I need movement, I need freedom to explore, I need to let myself get lost.

I feel like I always need to be in some sort of constant movement, being sedentary brings me a sense of worry and a feeling of uneasiness.  This time of year as we transition from summer to fall it brings me great joy and a sense of amazement to be out in the woods.  Everything is changing rapidly and with the blink of an eye you miss it.  The trails that I have known like the back of my hand are now new and different with a few leaves that have descended to the ground before the others.  The muddy sections are covered with animal prints that head in every direction as each prepares for the changing of seasons.  The sounds are even different this time of year as well as the smells.  I love catching a glimpse of a scent of a wood stove being fired up for to help take the nip out of the air and hearing the wind currents make their way through the forest.  I know that the snow will be here soon, but for now I will continue to embrace the fall season and all the change that comes along with it.

I hope that I can begin to dust off my blog as I work to get my priorities back in order.

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  1. Please do dust it off:)
    Sitting still (or not being busy to the brinks) makes me uneasy too. Some may say we run away from thoughts, but who are they to say we are not able to think when in movement?