Salomon promotes itself as not a company, but a family.  Salomon was born in the French Alps in 1947 and the passion for mountain sports has lead to gear that enables freedom.  Athlete input has helped them develop and design products that are hands down the most functional and reliable on the market.
Backcountry.com has a simple vision, but one that makes logical sense "to see the beset outdoor gear there is, and to be the best at doing it." With all the gear that an active person could imagine it's a great place to connect with some of the best athletes and gear experts in the world.  

Athletes rely so heavily on their feet and can be stopped dead in their tracks if they do not have the right socks on.  Drymax has done the research, testing and makes their socks here in the United States so they can stand 100% behind their product.
Hypoxico eliminates the need for athletes to travel or live at high elevations in order to benefit from breathing oxygen reduced air.  With a wide range of home systems and rental options you can train for a race at altitude and/or work to improve your athletic performance.  


Stronger Faster Healthier was suggested to me by a friend and I immediately went straight to the ingredient list with hopes that I could read all the contents without a PhD.  I was looking for pure, simple ingredients and that's what I found.  The next test was taste and if their products worked well for me and I was hooked after just one use.  Great products for fueling, recovery and everyday to help you live a everyday healthy lifestyle.  

The final piece and one of the most importance pieces is fueling your body and I rely on Meredith of Eating and Living Healthy. After hearing your goals and learning about your current nutrition/training she will help you dial in your eating and hydration.